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I met Amy 2 years ago here in Dubai, while wandering at the Courtyard. I should actually said I met her through the beautiful illustrations she made at that time for the Habitat, my favorite place in Dubai for all things green.

Illustration for by @A.my_makes

Illustration for by @A.my_makes

It was love at first sight if I may say, and very quickly she began to work on some illustrations for my ID projects. She moved back to South Africa some times ago, but thanks to today's technologies and social medias, we managed to keep in touch.

Since I launched the website 10 months ago, all the ups and downs made me (re) think about my project, and the new identity and direction I wanted to take : a platform to share my love for interiors, styling, yoga and well being.

I needed a new logo, and Amy was the obvious choice.

AYI : Amy , tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm a freelance Illustrator and Designer currently based in Knysna, South Africa. I studied Fine Art and Illustration and have worked in many fields relating to art, from giving Saturday classes to underprivileged kids, to tutoring First Year University students, to working in schools and on public art projects, art has become the way that I can make a difference. I've become especially fond of logo design as it allows me to work alongside other passionate people.

@withoutmeasure logo by @a.my_makes

@the_litterboom_project logo by @A.my_makes

AYI : What was the idea behind the new AYI logo ?

The AYI logo presented a unique challenge - to combine Yoga and Interior Design. 

After much thought, experimentation, play and revisions, the result was a simple and clean logo that encapsulated the design philosophy behind AYI ; Home, Health, Balance.  

The logo is made of three elements, the hand in the yoga mudras position, the simple lines of a house and two leaves. The hand is within the house - representing the starting point from which the design decisions flow - the peace and harmony that is realised in Yoga. 

The house lines are interrupted by the leaves, signifying the ethical and sustainable choices incorporated into your business.

The logo as a whole is clean, simple and honest - which is why I think it represents AYI well. 

Needless to say that I LOVE my new logo. Simple, elegant yet impactful.

Amy is taking commissions in South Africa obviously but also here in Dubai, as she loves how the Dubai community is always bringing exciting and new projects.

So if you are looking for a passionate illustrator, designer and artist, don't look further, Amy is the one. And on top of her obvious talent, she is one of the sweetest person I know.


To contact Amy, go on her instagram @a.my_makes


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