Cane webbing is taking over home decors

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

From 70s style rattan chairs to baskets, woven accents are all at the rage at the moment. But let's pay attention to cane webbing in particular, which is having a growing popularity in home styling, looking as good as it was back in time.

Cane webbing was first introduce in colonial ages. It is a method of weaving using long stripes of the skin of the rattan vine.

Its origin is in India, and became widespread in the 19th century with the whole sale importation of rattan from Malaysia. This sustainable material is used in woven furniture, where its flexible and long strands make it perfect for baskets, lamps and thinly woven chairs. From bed frames to wardrobes, cane pieces add an other layer of unique character.

It works with so many different styles. You can integrate it to a modern, a traditional, even a bohemian space with its light and airy structure. People are more and more looking for authenticity and feel of craftsmanship.

Cane webbing intricate pattern brings this home made feel.

So do you feel ready for a cane webbing revival in your home sweet home ?

Just have a look at those beautiful statement pieces, and I’m sure you will.

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