about the Yogi line

Passionate about yoga, mindfulness and healthy living, a certified yoga teacher for more than 5 years, I'm always looking at ways to bring a positive impact on my children, encouraging a sense of well being from a young age.

Practicing yoga together keeps my kids both engaged and allows them to stay calm.

Wanting our own yoga tools, the little yogi line by AYI was born.

Inspired by a kids yoga teacher training done 3 years ago, I designed new tools for teachers, educators and parents looking for new ways to connect with the next generation. 

26 flashcards to share a healthy and fun practice and 4 art prints, perfect addition to any kids room or yoga studio.

The little yogi line is an original and exclusive collection comprising Yoga flash cards and art prints for kids room. 

Designed with love by Alex Conti, founder of AYI.